Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Storyjumpers 8: The Messenger Arrives

This is part 8 of a story jumping activity for Digital Writing Month. Bruno started it, followed by KevinMahaSarahRonTanya and Kay.  Sign up in theGoogle Doc if you'd like to join in.


An old car pulled up in front of Kevin's house. Now, they were sitting. The blind man sat calmly in the passenger seat. "He is in there, I can feel it." he said in a breathless voice. The henchman, a tired older man who cracked his knuckles. He looked around at the neighborhood. "These places freak me out. Everyone wants a life on the up and up.  For what? Expensive coffee and whacked out hobbies. Bullshit." The henchman got out and went to the passenger door. He helped the blind man out. The henchman, Marco Billings, was his given name but most people called him Bull, walked the blind man up the path and to the door. Bull rang the bell. He pulled open his jacket and laid his hand on the butt of a gun. "You know these people are crazy." The blind man said, "Easy now. We need to see the map, not blow holes in it."

When Kevin came to do the door, he looked surprised, hold a magnifying glass in his hand. "Can I help you?" The blind man smiled oddly and snickered. "I am sorry to bother you. We heard there was a little disturbance at the pub recently and we just wanted to take a statement." Kevin nodded. He looked them over. "Do you have some kind of police identification." Bull pushed him back into the house, "Yeah, here is my identification." The gun came out and Kevin dropped his magnifying glass. The blind man shuffled in and stood in an aura of calm. "Easy Bull. You can kill him in a few minutes. Now, let's have the map." Bull punched Kevin in the stomach, and he slumped down. Bull quickly found the map and handed it to the blind master. The blind master took off his gloves and began reading the map with his fingers. It seemed impossible that he could feel anything on the map, but his fingers sensed the slightest etchings on the sheet. "Sir, do you know what this is?" Kevin shook his head but didn't answer. "I have been searching for maps that can alter reality. I've found these elements mapped out over time and space. I have become the master of the maps. I'm very powerful because of what I know."

Kevin looked up, "So, now you kill me and take it." The blind master smiled. "No, that is very melodramatic -- but we aren't going to take this." Bull turned, "We came all this way for it, boss." The blind man touched the paper a bit more, "No, this map doesn't show you where to go - not at all." He snickered, "This map tells them how to find you." He sighed and seemed a bit nervous. Bull went over and looked at it. "Bull, hand me a cloth. I don't want my prints on this." He wiped different spaces of the map with a cloth so gently. He put his gloves back on. "Bull, give the poor wretch his map back. They will be coming and we don't want to be here when it happens." Bull tossed the map at Kevin and let it flutter to the ground.

Kevin looked up in a Bruce Willis, save the world moment, "How much time do I have?"

The blind man nodded, "Not nearly enough."

Hand off to Dana Murphy (@DanaMurphy68)


  1. OMG ... "Not nearly enough" ... O.M.G. !

    Love it!

  2. wow very creative, intriguing & sinister twist here Ron....what is this secret map? who is the blind man? and who is after Kevin?? Anything can (and I'm sure will!) happen...