Friday, July 17, 2015

Artist Manifesto #DoNowManifesto

The following are a few attempts at writing an artist manifesto.

"Stories are part of the truth, part of the fiction. It isn't important where you find the fiction and the truth in  any story, but that together they make the world connect in ways that never thought about before." 
"Fictional stories are better because they are closer to the truth than our own random lives. If we live to write one story that changes one path, than we have lived a life of empathy, compasssion, and all the worlds possibilities." 
"When I wander into my dreams, I am all at once confused and comfortable at the same moment. That is where writing begins. It shouldn't be easy, it shouldn't be fair, or even right. It should demand you wake up out of breath and disorientated as you strike the words onto the page. "


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