Metaphor and the Rhizo


My interest in the Rhizo experience comes from teaching literature, writing, and the humanities. The act of creative expression is important in both the delivery and the message at the same time. Inspired by the ideas and connections in Rhizo15, I feel like this is a place where I can contribute. This post and its connective areas will serve as an evolving understanding of "The Metaphor & The Rhizo"

The incredible work of so many intelligent, thoughtful, and creative people have helped me see the significance of this idea. It is who we are. I will be using some very articulate voices from the Rhizo community to help shape and drive some of the conversation here. If you have suggestions or other sources that I am missing, don't be afraid to direct me. If you would like to contribute, add, or connect to this conversation just do it. I have no agenda or final destination. I just have a desire to explore this idea and see where it goes.

Technical Point: This will probably get more complex than a single post. If that is the case, the discussion might move to a linked document.


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