Monday, July 11, 2016

CLMOOC Introduction - Getting My Hands Dirty

I am excited to be here and I will try to be diligent with posting and sharing. It is very nice to be surrounded by so many creative, smart, and thoughtful people in a learning community. With no budgets for professional development, I find these groups and connections very valuable to my vision of teaching and thinking. So thanks for having me. 

Poetry with a twist to introduce myself. 
Click here to view the poetry. 
Thanks for reading and exploring with me. 

Notes on QR Codes. I get that sometimes, QR Codes can not be effective to give connections to readers. If people are looking at them with their mobile devices, they can't use an app to scan what is on their phone. 

And yet, there is something I like about them. They are connections. They are symbols. They can be attached to a website, a document, or a message. They can do a lot. I've written poems this way a few times and feel like I am merely trying to explain my content. In my introduction, I tried to move away from the direct correlation between the words and the content on the other side of the QR Code. In some cases, like On The Way to Rainy Mountain is a full text. If you were to explore all these connections, it would take some time. That isn't the point. The point is - look at texts, images, and ideas that influenced me. Perhaps it will enhance the content. It is a novelty for the time being. Easier and less gimmicky is just hyper links embedded in the texts. I like that idea too, but a hyperlink can't be clicked on a t-shirt. But a QR Code can be scanned off a t-shirt taking you anywhere. 

I did some other projects with QR Codes if anyone is interested. Thanks for your interest. 

Syllabus and the QR Codes

Boxes and Connections 

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  1. Another brilliant excursion into QR codes!